16 Feb 12
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2 years ago
Are we still betting on bird names for Harold?

if so I choose kiwi

harold kiwi.



what name(s) did you choose?

  1. hypercaz answered: Harold Noone ;)
  2. visceralresponse answered: Booby or Loon
  3. crackinwise answered: Swan. Dodo. Toucan. Tit. Hooter.
  4. fuckyouimfinch answered: when he was the undercover IT tech his name was Walt Trowbridge… I can’t seem to figure out a bird reference for that one.
  5. nowisthewinter answered: Harold Grouse, Harold Swan, Harold Stork, Harold Crane
  6. speakingfox answered: harold fucking kiwi omg
  7. theasylumsabyss answered: Ostrich
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